The Mother

by Florian Zeller

Translated by Christopher Hampton


Ustinov Studio (May – June 2015), Tricycle Theatre (Jan – Mar 2016)


Anne loved that time in her life when she prepared breakfast each morning for her two young children, Sara and Nicholas. Now her children are grown and have lives and loves of their own. Spending hours alone, Anne has convinced herself that a weekend seminar in Leicester is a front for her husband, Peter’s, affair. Perhaps Nicholas and his girlfriend, Elodie, will break up and her favoured son will return. He will come down for breakfast, she will put on her new red dress and they will go out. After all, tomorrow is Mother’s Day…


Cast: Gina McKee, Richard Clothier, William Postlethwaite, Cara Horgan


Director – Laurence Boswell

Designer – Mark Bailey

Lighting – Colin Grenfell

Sound – Jon Nicholls