A Little Hotel on the Side

by Georges Feydeau, in a version by John Mortimer

Theatre Royal Bath (August 2013)


This side-splitting work from the supreme master of traditional farce contains all the classic ingredients – thwarted passion, spiralling panic and a seedy hotel where the corridors see more action than the beds – in a completely hilarious evening of mistaken identities and sexual innuendo. Set in 19th century Paris, Monsieur Pinglet and his neighbour’s wife, Marcelle, attempt to get their affair underway by discreetly taking a room at an obscure hotel. But far from the quiet evening of amour they had anticipated, they encounter half of Paris here, including most of their relatives and the Inspector of Public Morality!


Director – Lindsay Posner

Designer – Michael Taylor

Lighting – Paul Pyant

Sound – John Leonard

Fight director – Alison de Burgh

Cast: Richard Wilson, Richard McCabe, Hannah Waddingham, Steven Beard, Debbie Chazen, Sam Coulson, Tom Edden, Peter Gardiner, David Killick, Danny Kirrane, Stephen Leask, Michael Mears, Hannah Morrish, Luke Newberry, Robert Portal, Natalie Walter




‘That superb and versatile comic actor Richard McCabe is in tremendous form…A wonderful comic turn from Tom Edden.’ Daily Telegraph


‘The great Hannah Waddingham as Angelique…something one should never miss.’ The Times


‘Richard Wilson is terrific…Tom Edden brings an explosive comic energy.’ Daily Express